Star Wars: Unkar Plutt was trying to protect Rey

Like so many movies (primarily in the 80’s) there is always that one character who is a hard ass jerk to the main character. They always find a way to redeem themselves just in time to save to the day.  Alternatively, their reason for being a jerk is proven to be justified in a reveal later in the movie. You know what I mean; camp counselors saying we should leave Crystal Lake, a jock who suddenly realizes the nerd is an alright guy, everyone that says, “Let’s not go in there” and sure enough they should have not, or a concerned father putting his teenage daughter in the corner at the dance.

The father had a right to be concerned
The father had a right to be concerned

Star Wars is no exception to this trope. Let’s not forget Han is in it for the money, and not the cause, in episode 4. After he buggers off, he comes back just in time to save Luk,e and rest is history. After seeing some footage that was cut from episode 7 I am now thinking Plutt fits into the “he’s not that bad of a guy”category. After all, under that costume is Simon Pegg.

I can win this argument just by showing you this picture
I can win any argument on Plutt just by showing  this picture

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Star Wars: Uncovering Snoke’s identity

Snoke. A name that has been boggling Star Wars fans and spellcheck programs for over a year now. Since he was introduced, fans from all over the world have been asking questions about him. Who is Snoke? How is he connected to the skywalkers? Is he tired of motherfucking snakes on his motherfucking base?


 Ankin was the only snake

Hands down the most frequently debated topic around Snoke is his true identity. Some theories have him slated to be a reincarnated Darth Plagus, reincarnated Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Emporer Palpatine, Jar Jar fucking Bings and so on. Hell for all we know he could be a force sensitive, sentient Rancor out for revenge against Luke for what he did to his father in episode 6.


Well, I would propose a new candidate for the identity of Snoke. Fanboys I beg, please listen to everything I have to say before you decide to hunt me down and do to me what Han did to that thing in episode 5 to keep Luke warm. My theory is that Snoke is Maz Kanata

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