Star Wars: Uncovering Snoke’s identity

Snoke. A name that has been boggling Star Wars fans and spellcheck programs for over a year now. Since he was introduced, fans from all over the world have been asking questions about him. Who is Snoke? How is he connected to the skywalkers? Is he tired of motherfucking snakes on his motherfucking base?


 Ankin was the only snake

Hands down the most frequently debated topic around Snoke is his true identity. Some theories have him slated to be a reincarnated Darth Plagus, reincarnated Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Emporer Palpatine, Jar Jar fucking Bings and so on. Hell for all we know he could be a force sensitive, sentient Rancor out for revenge against Luke for what he did to his father in episode 6.


Well, I would propose a new candidate for the identity of Snoke. Fanboys I beg, please listen to everything I have to say before you decide to hunt me down and do to me what Han did to that thing in episode 5 to keep Luke warm. My theory is that Snoke is Maz Kanata

Let’s look at some facts. As per episode 7, Snoke is revealed to have seen the rise and fall of the Galactic empire. This places him to be alive and kicking before the events of episode 1, so he must be old as fuck. Know who else is old as fuck? Maz Kanata. In fact, Maz says something almost identical to what Snoke said. “Through the ages…I’ve seen evil take many forms. The Sith. The Empire. Today, it is the First Order. Their shadow is spreading across the galaxy. We must face them. Fight them. All of us.” With this line, we can establish that not only she has been present for much of the rise and fall of the empire, but she has taken an interest in it over the years. Another similarity between the both of them is that they are both force sensitive. As per the wookieepedia entries for both Snoke & Maz, they are both force sensitive. Not only is she a force sensitive but also a force user. In a deleted scene the VFX supervisors talk about a scene (about the 1:05 mark)  where Maz uses the force to bring down the roof on attacking stormtroopers. With this bit of information we can confirm she is more powerful then she appears. We also know she is not a Jedi because she says so herself.  So we can now conclude that both Snoke & Maz are old ass force user’s and the only real solid clue to Snoke’s identity is that he is old. I mean the only other character that fits this description is Yoda and he is too busy being dead.


Movie am not in but marketed still I am

Okay, so we have age and force powers in common, big deal that does not prove anything. Well, allow me to bring up a few more points before some of you decide to throw me to the Sarlacc pit. Let’s talk about the light saber, more specifically the blue light saber. I am going somewhere with this.


Rey is the smart one

When we last saw this infamous lightsaber, it was falling down some hole in Cloud City at the end of episode 5 after Darth Vader revealed he is Luke’s father and cut off his hand. Side note, if that was a spoiler for you, fuck you. Go back to shooting wamp rats and moisture farming. The question that has been raised is how did Maz acquire the lightsaber? The most obvious  answer is that she acquired it from her time being a smuggler. She is nicknamed the pirate queen and is described as collecting trinkets which she considers valuable and stores them. Now it is my theory that she was a fellow smuggler to Lando and she was in cloud city the same time everything went down. She being force sensitive was able to locate and find the light saber (hand may be included).


Also,who are you?

I think it’s safe to say that Maz being a force user, knows the importance of a light saber and thus made the effort to keep it safe until Rey showed up. Now I will not dive into the actual light saber any further because I use to prove that Finn is force sensitive, rather I want to use the existence of the light saber to further prove my point. To me, one of the major plot holes in episode 7 was in the final battle between Kylo Ren and Finn , Kylo tells Finn “that light saber, it belongs to me”. To me, it seems that Kylo knew of the existence of the light saber. If you believe that, it begs the question ; who told Kylo about the blue light saber and that it was still around? To Luke, Leia & Billy Dee (Lando), that lightsaber is long gone. Han has a functional relationship with Maz so why would she not say “Hey Han, you know your space wizard brother in law, is this his?” No, rather she kept it a secret. No one knew she had it and as far the story goes Kylo and Maz have never met. The only person left to tell Kylo is Snoke. So unless Snoke and Maz have a line of communication there is no other explanation.

Now let’s address the most obvious point against this theory, Maz wants to wipe out and fight against the first order. She talks about the sith in passing. Know what she fails to mention? The Knights of Ren. Supreme Hitler  Leader Snoke is in charge of the first order as well as the Knight’s of Ren. The Knights of Ren are 100% devoted to their cause and are considered to be part of the dark side of the force. This is just an assumption but it is entirely possible that Snoke is manuvering the first order to fight the rebels and as Maz is “guiding” the rebels to fight the first order. What is the end game? That eventually both destroy each other and herald the way for the K.O.R.

Now I come to my final point; the appearance. They do not look anything alike. For one Snoke has a giant scar on his forehead and Maz has no scar at all. Also, Maz is Donald Trump orange & Snoke is as white as bread. Plus there is a major size difference. Maz is to Snoke to what Muggsy is to Shaq.


How did we get involved in this?

I will start by explaining the last 2 points with one simple word; hologram. We have seen very detailed holograms spanning the star wars movies but one thing they have in common is they all have that ghostly white projection.  Even character’s of color still show up like this. The hologram would also explain the difference in size. Since we have not seen Snoke other than in hologram form, there is no exact information as to his true size. He could be as small Jimny Cricket for all we know and he could be using the hologram to pull a Wizard of Oz


Tiny people dancing is a Hollywood must.

Also, this would not even be the first time Maz has used a hologram as a form of communication either. After the battle of Yevin, Maz hired a mercenary to “stop” the empire on collecting too much information on her. Her hands are not exactly clean either.


In your eyes, I see a dead man.

Now to address the issue of the scar on the forehead. Sorry buddy, your stumped is what you are probably thinking to yourself. Well, you got some nerve. Though Maz could kind of look like him it does not explain why the projection of her/him is so distorted. Well, the answer is simple, force phantom. Force phantoms is a sith power that allows one to create an image of another living thing and be anything they want. So Maz could be projecting a scarred old man, a true representation of herself. If you do not buy the hologram explanation, then the force phantom fits just as well. As per the article, the last force user to perfect this was Darth Vectivus. during her long life , it is entirely possible she learned this ability as Darth Vectivus was able to teach this ability even after his death.

To sum things; Snoke is a projection (force phantom or hologram) of Maz Kanata. Maz is an ancient force user who told Kylo about the blue light saber and promoted him to the leader of Knights of Ren. Being both Snoke & Maz, she can use his/her influence to make the rebels and first order wipe each other out, thus clearing the way for whatever the K.O.R ultimate goal.

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