[Star Wars] Rey will KILL Luke Skywalker

I’ll get right to it, Rey will be the one to kill Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I know that’s a bold claim, one I would not make without any proof other than fandom and speculation.

When we last saw Rey, she had been given the map and a ride to the first Jedi temple to meet Luke Skywalker. They meet atop a mountain and to Luke’s surprise; she offer’s him his fathers lightsaber. Details have emerged that in episode 8, Luke & Rey will have a training scene supposedly to learn more about the force, similar to Yoda in ESB. Other than rumours, we the audience are under the assumption that this is her reason for going. The same reason Leia lets Rey use the map and the Falcon with Chewie. She must trust Rey.

In their training session, Rey’s will ask Luke about her parents and her time on Jakku. Initially Luke will deny knowing anything about her parents and reveal the secret of the jedi temple and possibly hint at the force tree, and teach Rey about the force. Rey asks Luke to help her heal, revive the only other person she has left she cares for, Finn. Luke agrees to go back to rebel base and see Finn. Luke can not help. (this almost seems like it would happen to fast, going back for Finn)

As the story progress’s and her powers grow, she & Luke will be found by a now healed Kylo , possibly with the knights of Ren. In the ensuing battle, Rey and Luke will fight together and dispatch the KOR. Ren alone tells Luke and Rey that Snoke is on his way. In the battle Ren takes down Luke because Luke is hesitant to fight his former padwan & nephew. Ren, now more powerful due to more training with Snoke is able to over- power Rey, possibly mocking Luke that he will finish her like all his padwans, ala Vader. Luke finally jumps in to defend Rey. It is at this point that a continuation of Rey’s force vision is shown. We see more details regarding her past, including a scene revealing that Luke is directly involved in her being left on Jakku. Meanwhile, Luke & Kylo fighting , Luke tells him Snoke is clouding him, using him and he will throw him away, similar to what Han says. That brief lack of concentration lets Luke gain the upper hand.

Rey angry at Luke starts yelling at him, attacking him. Luke explains he had no choice that Snoke and KOR were looking for her. He needed to hide her. Rey furious blames Luke and suspects he killed her parents. Luke, already injured by his fight with Kylo & KOR is defeated by Rey. It is at this point we get Snoke. Whether it’s a new or old character, we get snoke. Snoke tells Rey the truth, that it was Luke that killed her parents. That she can get them back under his teachings. As proof , Snoke heals the only other person left she cares about, Finn. He also tells her that he can bring back her parents (ala Palpatine) He tells her Luke could have all along but refused to. Luke tries to explain but in her anger, Rey kills him. Kylo seeing this is suddenly saddened of his uncle’s death. Snoke tells Rey to come with him, which she does, much to the protest of her friend Finn. When asked about Kylo, Snoke says to leave him for dead. After they leave, Kylo is picked up by his mother and rebels. Leia bringing her son home.

Before this is dismissed about as Fan Fiction give me one moment to provide some evidence to bring this from fan fic to fan theory.

Rey motives: Rey is sent to Luke to learn about her powers and the force. She is not sent to come back with Luke, or learn then fight for the resistance. Going to learn about her force powers is actually a big deal because after delivering BB-8, her first instinct is to go back to Jakku, refusing a job offer from Han Solo. This proves, in my opinion that Rey’s goal is her family, not the jedi and certainly not the resistance. The only other thing she would care for is her friendship with Finn, who she has promised to return to. Rey is also an angry, violent person with hate in her heart. Seeing that some of you are sharpening your knives to come after me for saying that, let me explain why. First. She attacks Finn on their first encounter, on the word of BB-8. Next she was ready to release gas on the falcon when she thought it was the first order, not Han & Chewie. Next in a deleted scene, when confronted by Plutt, she pulls a gun on him when he wants to take her back to Jakku. She tells him to back off and when he refuses, out comes the gun. There was no “ I am with Han”, or tell him she cant go back. In fact, she wants to go back to Jakku. Why not take the ride back and deal with Plutt now? Because she hates him and what does Yoda say about hate “hate is the path to the darkside”. Finally lets look at the final scene in TFA. After she defeats Kylo, she doesn’t turn off her saber. It wasn’t until Kylo moved that she started walking towards him, possibly to deliver the final blow. If it wasn’t for the ground splitting, the solo would have had to shop for 2 for 1 casket deals. As a quick note, Rey did not go for his hand or leg, no she went right for the head, showing an intention to kill. Kylo on the other hand was trying to talk to her, recruit her and teach her. So with the above, we can establish that Rey is angry, feels strong connection to her family and is willing to kill. Sound familiar? It should because I am talking about Anakin. It was these reasons that Palpatine was able to exploit Anakin and told him about using the force (not from a jedi) to bring back the dead. If it is confirmed that Luke had something to do with her parents disappearance or her being ditched in Jakku (which is not far fetched) then Snoke can exploit this and get her to kill Luke.

I want to discuss why Luke would refuse to initially fight Kylo. Kylo is Luke’s nephew and former padwan. Luke will try to explain that he does not need to be like Vader, that he can be better. He will explain that Vader was not his father, that Anakin was. He will tell him that Vader in the end was good and once he was free, he was able to return to the light. That the light he feels within him is his grandfather trying to reach out to him. To prove that this is the case let us quickly look at Kylo and why he is drawn to the light. In TFA, Kylo tells Snoke that with his guidance, he will not be tempted by the light. Jumping further, right before Kylo kills Han, Kylo almost does not go through with it. He tells him he is constantly feel like he is being ripped apart. To just go a bit further, Han Solo says “there is too much Vader in him”. Well if that’s the case, then there is possible redemption in his future. Afterall, when Vader learned Luke was his son, he offered him to rule together. Even fighting Luke in ESB, he was trying to subdue luke, not kill him. When Palpatine was killing Luke, vader threw him off the platform, saving Luke and killing palpatine. So saying there is too much Vader in him could be a form of foreshadowing. So it would take something major to make Luke fight him and that would be possibly losing Rey.

So there we have it; Rey will kill Luke. But why? This opens the door to Reys redembtion and take Rey out of that Mary Sue trope which Daisy herself has said Rey does not fit into. Also, JJ has mentioned that Rey’s force vision will be like an ongoing story into Rey’s past.

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