Star Wars; How the emperor was controlling Anakin/Vader


Today I want to explore the relationship between Darth Vader and Darth Siduos and why I believe Darth Vader came to back to the light and how Sidoues was able to control and keep a leash on him. So no rule 34 stuff, here is my Ultimate Vader theory.

I am 100% under the belief that Emporer Palpatine is the reason why Anakin Skywalker became a Sith Lord and strayed from the light. Yes, that is what happened but why did it happen?

Anakin initial reason for not turning in Palpatine when he discovered he was a sith was because he needed him to teach him a way to keep padme from dying. Remember, Anakin saw that his wife would die in dream. He foresaw it. That’s interesting because that’s the only time Anakin/Vader ever foresaw something. In fact, Vader mentions a few times that the emperor has said “things are going like the emperor has foreseen” Even Palpatine says “Things are proceeding as I have foreseen”. Why is this an important clue? Because it means that what Anakin saw was probably not a product of his force skills, but rather a product of Darth Sidoous method of mind control. According to the sith power list, Sith Lords like Palpatine have the power to create illusions and manipulate the mind of someone, especially through dreams. Well I believe that’s what happened to Anakin. Darth Sidious implanted the vision of Padme dying so he can exploit Anakin, so in a way Darth Sid is in fact using the Sith Way of the Jedi mind trick on Anakin.

To be able to to proof that Anakin was in fact being controlled by Palpatine , I want to go to two scenes. The first scene is where we first Palpatine go all “Noooo Nooo Nooo” and use force lightening for the first time. Now force lightening is in fact a sith ability that only a few sith can do. It is almost the ultimate sith offensive ability. As such, it requires the most power and more focus. Well I believe that as Old Thunder was holding using this to hold Mace at bay, his influence over Anakin started to diminish. Palpatine did something we never saw again, he played the weak old man role as almost a way to gain sympathy. He even started saying that only he could save Padme and more important that he “can’t hold on anymore. ” I believe he was not lying, that he could not hold on anymore and by using the lightening his influence over Anakin diminished. Anakin was thrown into a moral dilema to which of course he made the wrong choice. To further prove that this is the case , I want to jump to the end of episode 6. The scene in question is where we see Darth Sid use the force lighting again. The scene where he is killing Luke. Well I believe that once again, Sid’s influence over Vader was diminished and for the first time in a long time , Anakin reemerged , or rather he was able to think clearly. He saw what was happening heard Luke pleading , like how Palpatine pleaded and made the moral descion to kill the emperor, thus saving Luke. Even by Vaders dying words, he says that he wants to see Luke with his “own” eyes and that he was right about him. Well it seems that Vader is telling Luke that he was right Anakin was in there all along. That without the emperor to control him anymore, he can be himself and that he has been saved.

So to answer one obvious question , why does the emperor even want Anakin? Well as per Wookpeida, high level Sith are able to syphon force powers of others to enhance and prolong their life. So who not better then possibly the strongest force user in the universe to have at your side as your personal buffet table.

Alright, so surly someone like Darth Sid would have planned for his Sith baby to rebel and kill him right? I mean, he probably foresaw it? Well, maybe. But he gambled on this and like any good gambler, if you want a desired outcome you stack the deck and I believe this is what Darth Sid did in turning Anakin into Vader, so let’s look at Darth Vader and his suit.

First and foremost, Darth Vader is a pretty shitty cyborg. I mean, he is slow as molasses and just as easy to avoid. Outside his force choke range, Vader can be easily outrun so why would the emperor approve or want him so slow when he can use the same technology that gave Darth Maul his prosthetic legs, or build him new legs along the line of his fake hand. I mean the technology is there so why not use it? After all, Anakin Skywalker is a highly gifted warrior who has the ability to move around like a Cat on meth, so why limit his movements to that of a drunk grandpa dance at a wedding?

It’s because Palpatine knew that if Vader ever returned to the light , his best chance to beat him was to outmanover him. After all, Darth Sid has amazing fighting abilities and acrobatic moves as seen with his fight with Yoda. He knows that push comes to shove, having the speed on him would be his advantage. Now, why would Palpatine plan for this? Well I can argue that he foresaw this and is taking steps to prevent this, but better yet, it’s because it’s the sith way to kill their master. After all , Sid killed his master Plagus so it is not outside the realm of possibilities. He did have a reason to be paranoid too, because as Vader told Luke, “we can rule the galaxy together, as father and son” which he could be implying his desire to kill old sparky if Luke joined him. After all, rule of 2.

Continuing on Vaders suit, let’s take a look at it. The wookpedia description it gives a very detailed account of Vaders suit and it’s life support system and such. Btw , did you know Vader goes poop? Well, it also describes that in his dose of nutrients , Vader also gets an injection of a formula of Sith Alchemy. For those who don’t know what Sith Alchemy is and think it’s just the name of the punk band version of the band in Tatoinne, let me give you the run down. Sith Alchemy was a technique perfected by the sith to power yo their weapons and themselves. So it would make sense for Palpatine roid up Vader. Now , in further study of Sith Alchemy , to which I mean I clicked a link , there is a by product of it known as Sith poison. Sith poison, again awesome band name, is a formula that has the ability to keep force sensitive folks AWAY from the light. So is it that far fetched that Darth Sid would slip in some Sith poison in his nutrients. Well no. After all, he would know about Sith Alchemy and Sith poison pretty well because it was perfected by none other then Darth Plagus and who was Plagus apprentice ? None other than Palpatine.

So there have it. Darth Sid was the one behind the dream that gave way for the opening to exploit Anakin. That he was controlling Vader and is the reason why Vader is Vader. That it’s not until the emperor power’s are being focused elsewhere (lightening), that Vader was able to be free and think for himself.

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