Star Wars: Midichlorians and the important role they play

Ever been asked the question “where were you when (whatever event) happened?” Like, where were you when you when you found out Kaiser Soze was that dude you didn’t expect or where were you when you saw your first boob? Being born in the 80’s, mine was through a scrambled PPV channel.


I hope this was a boob

Well, Star Wars fans, where were you when you first heard of the midichlorians being used as a way of explaining force sensitivity? Probably a movie theater or at home then immediately walking out of said movie or home.

What are Midi-chlorians and how do they measure force sensitivity you might be asking? Well, this is George Lucas explains but I’ll give you the gist of it. Midi-chlorians are microscopic living organisms all connected to each other, that are in a symbiotic relationship with living cells and everyone in the Galaxy knows about them.
Our boy Qui-Gon Jinn puts this into canon in episode 1 by telling young Anakin “Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll hear them speaking to you.” This is then followed by then poking young anakin to measure how much is inside him.


Have I told you there is always a bigger fish

So with the above information, we can say Midi-chlorians are living things that live within living cells in a symbiotic relationship to the host. Also, they are all connected somehow. Essentially they are psychic mitochondria.

Let’s take a moment and go back to science class to talk about mitochondria. Mitochondrial cells are not present in red blood cells (which makes up most the cells in our and all livings bodies), but rather exist in other such cells like liver cells. So the idea of someone body being completely made up of mitochondrial cells is absurd. Just like the idea of a Jedi (or Sith) body made up Midi-chlorians is just as absurd.

The reason I just Bill Nye’d you guys and gals is because without that background information I would not be able to prove the reason as to why Anakin, Luke and Rey’s power all manifested so quickly and why it did?

My theory is because the Midi-chlorians in ones body are dormant until they are “Awoke” when they come in contact with someone who not only has a high Midochlorian count but has a highly active Midi-chlorian count.

Let’s start with young Anakin Skywalker. Before the arrival of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to Tatooine , Anakin was just the son of a slave women who happened to be a bit of a genius at building effeminate robots and pod racing. That’s pretty amazing, right? Well yeah by real world standards but by the Star Wars universe, no not really. There are multiple forms on Tattooine who seem to be just as capable at both robot building and pod racing. Heck, there is even a whole pod racing league. So Anakin , though gifted was just a run of the mill boy in Tatooine.

It was not until his meeting with Qui-Gon that he learns he has a high concentration of Midi-chlorians in his blood stream. Qui-Gon then  decides that it is a good idea to tell a 9-year-old kid to close his eyes and listen to the force around him while traveling an ungodly speed in what is essentially a rocket engine with a chair on it.In following Qui-Gons advise Anakin wins the race and all is well, well except Qui-Gon dies and his mom is still a slave.

Before his death, Qui-Gon wanted to take the boy back to the Jedi academy to start his training but was faced with objection from Yoda because he felt the boy is too old.


He likes them young

t the end of episode 1 we are left with young Anakin being accepted to the Jedi academy and thus, being surrounded by high-level Midochlorian carriers and of course protege Obi-wan, one the highest midi chlorian count Jedi’s and of course Yoda, thy most powerful Jedi in the council.

Let’s move on to Luke who is ,spoiler alert, Anakin’s son. Luke was just a regular kid with big dreams of leaving Tatooine and fighting with the rebels.



This also happened

It was not until he met his father’s effeminate robot and R2D2 that his life changed. Luke seeks out Obi-Wan for help. Obi-Wan knowing who this is immediately starts his Jedi training. Well, Luke is a very fast learner and before you know it he was kissing princess’s (gross) and flying X-Wings like a champ, despite only having experience driving a sand speeder. Think about that for a moment. That’s the equivalent of saying “I can fly this F-16 jet because I can ride my dirt bike with one hand”

Well, it’s almost like something “awoke” in him and suddenly all this knowledge just poured in. Suddenly now his Midi-chlorians are now active and telling him to how to blow things up.

So what was the cause of this “awakening”? coming in contact with the high active Midi-chlorian carrier, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

After the events of episode 4, Luke goes away to train with the immensely powerful Jedi, Yoda. Only training for a short amount of time, Luke became so powerful he was able to fight Darth Vader and as seen in episode 6 , use Jedi powers such as force jump and mind trick.

Let’s move on to Rey. Same thing as before. Rey is a simple scavenger who happens to also live in another God forsaken desert. Rey’s life is turned upside down when she decides to help Finn get BB-8 to rebels.
It is not until the moment that she enters Maz’s palace that her force powers really start to kick in, her “awakening” if you will. I am of course referring to the scene where she is drawn to the lightsaber and has force visions of Ren and hears the voices of the Jedi’s past.
Well, as I have pointed out before, Maz Kanata is an active force user and thus most likely has a higher midi-chlorian count which in turn actives Rey’s midi-chlorians. It is not until that she is in the presence of Kylo Ren (a very high active midi-chlorian user) that her amazing Jedi powers awaken, to which I refer to force push, force jump and Jedi mind trick

Now that I have hopefully proven that when a high , active midi-chlorian being comes in contact with a dormant Midochlorian count being, it causes them to active, I can now explain some of the plot holes in the movies.

First off, since Midi-chlorians are all linked together, it is believable that these living beings share their collective knowledge with the host in an effort to survive. They share things like lightsaber fighting and “abilities”. This explains how Rey knew to use the Jedi mind trick on Bond (look it up) without knowing such a thing existed.

It also explains why Yoda does not accept padawans after a certain age. Yoda knows about how midi-chlorians work and that it takes time for them to develop and “awake” inside a person. It takes years. It also explains why they keep all the young ones close to them. It’s not just to protect them, but also so their cells are able to interact with the younglings cells. Of course , Anakin was the exception because like Qui-Gon said: “his are off the charts”. This implies there is a known record which at that time was currently held by Master Yoda.

It might also explain why Leía was able to find Luke in cloud city. She was drawn to him the same way Qui-Gon was drawn to young Anakin (again gross). And yes. Leia is somewhat force sensitive. She felt the death of Han Solo, or as I like to believe the massive pain another force user was in (ie her son having to kill his father)

Lastly, it also explains why some Jedi’s feel the death of entire planets and other Jedi’s. Since the midi-chlorians are all connected , it is not far-fetched to say that if a chunk of the connection was broken. The others would feel it. It’s like if you and your friends are all sharing a pizza. If one of your friends takes a slice, you are going to notice. If the same friend picks up the pizza box and throws it out the window, you’re going to notice it and it will hurt.


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