Justin Time: They are all spirits

Do you have kids? Does the idea of mentally scaring a kid disgust you? Are you a kid reading this right now? If you answered yes to any of the above I would recommend you stop here and check out my other fan theories because I am about to potentially ruin beloved children’s show, Justin Time. Also, get to bed you little booger.

Before I go any further I want to preface that I came up with this theory while I was watching my 2-year-old nephew while his parents went to the store. So are you ready? Good, let’s ruin Justin Time.


Not to be confused with this crap

Justin Time to put it simply is a show about a kid that imagines himself into different time eras where he was to help different people do different tasks with the help of his friend Olive.


Now powered by childrens tears

What I am proposing is that Justin is not just imagining these things, he is living them. Now albeit his adventures are not exactly what you would expect from time travelers after all this is a kids show. It’s unlikely he is John Connering this.

Now how is Justin living them out you ask? I propose a very simple answer, Justin is calling upon his spirit guides to help him get out of real world situation he is afraid to face himself and yes you read that correctly, a spirit guide.

Let’s start with the most obvious spirit guide, Olive. Olive is the young black haired girl that Justin meets in all his adventures. I am under the belief that Olive is Justin’s teacher guide. As per this article which I am sure is written by top scientists and not crazy people, it states that teacher guides “to understand the overall lessons we have come here to learn.”


Meet the writer

In every episode, Olive changes her appearance to match whatever era Justin is imagining himself. For example, Justin imagines himself in a Viking era boat so she takes on the appearance of a Viking. Notice that at the beginning of every episode she is always the one to greet by saying “Hi Justin, hi Squidgy (more on him later) and the sometimes antagonist, Sammy.

Throughout the episode, Olive is the one that guides and teaches Justin and his little pal throughout whatever adventure he has gotten himself into and foil whatever evil plot Sammy has going for him. The end result of the episode is that they all usually learn a lesson about sharing and bedtime or whatever. It is for these reasons and examples that I can say Olive is his teacher spirit guide.

The last piece of evidence I have that Olive is a spirit guide is that she doesn’t “exist”. In several episodes we see Justin interact with his friendemy Sammy in the real world. The only time we see Olive is in the other world. To add to this point, Sammy also interacts with Olive in the other world. It seems that Olive only appears to them to help them learn whatever lesson they  to learn.


I haunt your dreams too

No on to my final point. My man Squidgy. The little morphing Cheeze-it looking thing. It is shown that Squidgy does interact with the rest of crew in the spirit, but does not interact with Sammy in the real world. This points to Squidgy, not of this world and only available to Justin. Sort of like the great gazoo is to Fred Flinstone.


this happened

What I believe Squidgy to be is a protector guide or guardian animal spirit. According to this highly scientific website, protectors are with a someone from their time of birth and would never abandon the person they are attached to. As per other sources, protector guides also take on many shapes. This is the reason why Squidgy turns into a million different things and is always there to watch Justin’s back and why Sammy could only see him in the spirit world which get this, Squidgy drags Sammy into along with Justin.


Till death

So there you have it. A not so well written explanation on Justin Time. Full disclosure,: I lost interest in this theory about 4 paragraphs up.


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