Friday the 13th; Why Jason kills & almost can’t be killed

Ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ah. A sound so famous & unique that it instantly triggers the image of the almost unkillable hockey mask wearing serial killer, Jason Voorhees.


2nd craziest bastard to wear a hockey mask

Now before I go any further I want to make it that this theory only applies t0 Friday the 13th movies 2 to 4. Everything from 6 and up Jason becomes a supernatural ghoul who literally goes the furthest reaches of hell to the furthest reaches of space.


Even Jason looks surprised by that decision

So why can’t Mr. J. Voorhees die? Well, he can as most of you who know the plots to the movies are probably yelling at screen, it just takes a lot to kill him.

Well we have seen Jason get hanged, stabbed and taken so many shots to the head it has caused damage to his killing power. So why can human Jason take so much damage and just walk it off just like his little league coach told him? Simple. Jason Voorhees has Proteus syndrome, aka the same thing the elephant man had.


Tiss but a flesh wound

Proteus syndrome is described as one affected by has a typical bone growth and skin overgrowth, accompanied by tumors all over the body. It is also stated that those with this syndrome have sub par intelligence It’s not exactly a pleasant disease to have. My first piece of evidence is his beautiful face.


A face only a mother can love, oh wait…

Jason’s unmasked man mug looks very similar to the famous elephant man, Joseph Merrick. Take a look at this picture of the elephant man, now look at Vouge cover model above. Notice they both have very similar features especially the overgrowth of bone around the forehead.


Poor guy.

How does having Proteus syndrome a “blessing” for Jason? It’s because the thicker, overgrown bone matter around his head protects his brain from direct shots to the head. Its like he is wearing a helmet at all times.


Go Slashers !!!

Aside from protecting his noggin, the overgrowth in his body also protects his arms and legs. This is another reason as to why he appears to be almost unkillable. Jason has fallen from buildings and barns. He has taken shovel hits from his victims and just brushes it off like Kanye to the haters.


His ego is the true monster

I want to move on to as to why Jason is “simple minded”. I mean lets face it, Jason Voorhees is not exactly a candidate for Mensa (just menslaughter). No, Jason knows 2 things and 2 things only; kill and survive. Jason is known for skulking in the woods and killing horny teenage campers.


Cockblock champ 1981 to Present

The reason I believe is that Jason is brain damaged to the point he is feral. Jason is brain damaged due to almost drowning when he was just an ugly kid, thus enticing his mothers rage in part 1 (Spoilers). It also worth noting that the symptoms of Proteus syndrome were evident in young Jason, even before he almost drowned.


A life jacket probably wouldn’t have helped

After nearly drowning, the lack of oxygen to the brain caused irreversible brain damage to Jason. Upon emerging from the lake Jason went into the woods and learned to survive on his own, thus explaining his physique and “hunting” abilities. In Friday the 13th part 2, a women gives a detailed account of how a disfigured man emerged from the woods an grabbed her. It is not until Jason see’s the death of his mother (who is the only person he would recognize) to go on a murderous spree, and eventually build a shrine to her.


Oedipus much

I am under the belief that Jason saw more then just his mothers death. I believe Jason saw momma in action killing all those horny teenagers and now he is copying her work. Jason, again being brain damaged does not understand why his mother is doing this, just that he needs to copy her actions.


Cockblock champ 1980-1981

So there you have it. Jason Voorhees is nothing more then a brain damaged man with Proteus syndrome.

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