Debunking the Mandela Effect part 1: Queen

The Mandela effect, what is it?

Wikipedia and other net sources describe it as a phenomenon where a group of people remember an event or thing differently than it actually happened. It is named the Mandels effect because there is a group of people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison and there being a big funeral for him in the 80’s, which is where this theory primary takes place, between the early to mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.

There have been so many theories as to what is actually going on. Some say this is proof of the multi-verse, others claims its time travelers and while some skeptics just simply say its just people remembering things different and its being over sensationalized. Well, today I want to discuss this theory and going to make some of it.

First let’s start by looking at the proof that people have come up for this theory.

One of the most prominent pieces of evidence for the theory is the song by queen, We are the champions. People remember the song ending with a strong ‘of the world” by the amazing Freddy Mercury. People, like me were shocked to hear that there is more to song after that verse. People swear up and down that is where the song ended and the rest of the song doesn’t exist. How odd right? Well, to me this is an easy one to debunk.

Has anyone ever heard the term, radio edit? Radio edit is a term used for a version of a song that either has sworn or offensive words changed or bleeped out. It also is a version of a song that is cut shorter for various reasons, one of them being time. The official version of the song has about an extra verse, about 30 secs long of the chorus.  I remember the radio version of this song always ending with, “of the world” Though I cannot seem to find a DJ’s mix of the song, so let’s put that in circumstantial. So let me move on to where perhaps most of us 80’s kids were first exposed to the song. Since kids in the 80s didn’t have access to the internet we had to rely on radio, TV and movies.  First major example I can think of for me is watching the Mighty Ducks. At the end of movie where the kids are celebrating by campfire, the song is being played and it ends with “of the world”. Lets go back further. In Revenge of the nerds (1984), same scenario, end of movie celebration scene with the song being played in the background. The song also ends with “of the world”. In TV, I turn to queen’s Live AID performance.

One of the biggest televised events in history occurred in 1985. At the end of a spectacular performance, Freddy mercury  and queen end the song with “of the world”. So yes it is surprising to learn that there is more to that song seeing that we are so used to listening to it end at a specific part from all the movies and TV we watch. Its sort of the equivalent of finding out that there is more the Hail Mary prayer

So long evidence.

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