Pennywise and his use of the red balloon

Lets talk about IT baby. IT, the movie featuring a group of kids known as the losers club and a clown known as Pennywise the dancing clown.

Finn Wolfhard Picture
This kid is stuck in the 80’s

Before going any further I have to clear up one thing, this theory isn’t about Pennywise’s origin. That’s already been explained, he’s an interdimensional being who’s arch nemesis is the turtle

Image result for ninja turtles vs clowns

Yeah, like that.

I want to discuss Pennywise’s red balloon and its significance. Throughout the novel, movie and miniseries, the appearance of a red balloon is a way of foreshadowing that Pennywise is out to get you or he wants you to do something. So why red? Why not orange or purple or white? Well its because of what red symbolizes.

Red is the color of passion. Since Pennywise main means of luring his victims into a trap is by scaring them or making them hallucinate, then showing them a red balloon to get their adrenalin pumping is an easy way to make them more susceptible to his mind games.

              No good will come of this

I will deter from giving my usual hundreds of examples because the movie gives us 100’s of examples. In every scene that there is a red balloon, there is always a hallucination or an act of passion. Pennywise knows this and he uses it to his advantage.

New Theories coming soon

I have finally returned from my long work related hiatus and can finally start working on publishing some new and hopefully exciting theories. To just name a few I have Star Wars yoda theory, Chrono Trigger, Zelda and a whole bunch of movie ones. Stay tuned.

Debunking the Mandela Effect part 1: Queen

The Mandela effect, what is it?

Wikipedia and other net sources describe it as a phenomenon where a group of people remember an event or thing differently than it actually happened. It is named the Mandels effect because there is a group of people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison and there being a big funeral for him in the 80’s, which is where this theory primary takes place, between the early to mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.

There have been so many theories as to what is actually going on. Some say this is proof of the multi-verse, others claims its time travelers and while some skeptics just simply say its just people remembering things different and its being over sensationalized. Well, today I want to discuss this theory and going to make some of it. Continue reading “Debunking the Mandela Effect part 1: Queen”

Star Wars rogue one clears up why storm troopers have terrible aim

We have all seen seen the memes all over the internet about how bad a storm trooper’s aim is. My personal favourite the one with the Star Trek red shirt guy .None the less, I am sure we have all wondered why their aim sucked so much and who was giving them them their training. Be most are just crossed eyes assholes. Well today I want to explore and let you know what my reasons for why storm troopers have bad aim.

The answer is simple; it’s the force. Yes, nothing deep or complex , it’s the force and the answer comes from the recently released rouge one scene where *** SPOILERS*** , Chirrut Imwe dies. Just an FYI everything from this point on is movie spoilers.

The scene I am referring to is when our heroes need to activate a switch to turn on the antena to broadcast the plans. Chirrut Imwe and his comrades are pinned down and have no way of getting over to switch. Now before I go any further, I need to point that storm troopers up to this point have been AMAZING marksmen. A few scenes show rebel soldiers getting getting picked off as soon as they exit from cover. In all the other movies, those exact same rebel fighter could have exited cover, had a smoke and make a call back to Yevin 5 placing their dinner order before a troopers aim would be anywhere near them. No here it’s pretty realistic.

So back to the scene in question. Chirrut Imwe suddenly had a moment where he starts repeating his mantra “I am one with the force and the force is with me” and then starts making his way to the Switch. As he is walking to the switch, all storm trooper blasts are going around and over him, the same manner they go around our hero’s (Luke, obi-wan, Leía) when they are being shot at. To prove that this isn’t some coincidence I turn to Chirrut Imwe parter , Baze Malbus.

After Baze witness’s the death of his friend due to a lucky blast, he starts chanting Imwe’s mantra. Well he doesn’t have the same luck as troopers are able to land a few good shots in before his eventual end. Baze isn’t a believer in the force, he doesn’t feel the connection to it like Imwe does so having no connection to the force (not being at least passive force sensitive), the force was not around him to protect him.

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Star Wars; How the emperor was controlling Anakin/Vader


Today I want to explore the relationship between Darth Vader and Darth Siduos and why I believe Darth Vader came to back to the light and how Sidoues was able to control and keep a leash on him. So no rule 34 stuff, here is my Ultimate Vader theory.

I am 100% under the belief that Emporer Palpatine is the reason why Anakin Skywalker became a Sith Lord and strayed from the light. Yes, that is what happened but why did it happen?

Anakin initial reason for not turning in Palpatine when he Continue reading “Star Wars; How the emperor was controlling Anakin/Vader”

[Star Wars] Rey will KILL Luke Skywalker

I’ll get right to it, Rey will be the one to kill Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I know that’s a bold claim, one I would not make without any proof other than fandom and speculation.

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Star Wars: Unkar Plutt was trying to protect Rey

Like so many movies (primarily in the 80’s) there is always that one character who is a hard ass jerk to the main character. They always find a way to redeem themselves just in time to save to the day.  Alternatively, their reason for being a jerk is proven to be justified in a reveal later in the movie. You know what I mean; camp counselors saying we should leave Crystal Lake, a jock who suddenly realizes the nerd is an alright guy, everyone that says, “Let’s not go in there” and sure enough they should have not, or a concerned father putting his teenage daughter in the corner at the dance.

The father had a right to be concerned
The father had a right to be concerned

Star Wars is no exception to this trope. Let’s not forget Han is in it for the money, and not the cause, in episode 4. After he buggers off, he comes back just in time to save Luk,e and rest is history. After seeing some footage that was cut from episode 7 I am now thinking Plutt fits into the “he’s not that bad of a guy”category. After all, under that costume is Simon Pegg.

I can win this argument just by showing you this picture
I can win any argument on Plutt just by showing  this picture

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[Family Guy] Stewie is gay

Family guy is no stranger to controversy or crossing the line. Whether they are doing an abortion episode or taking a shot at Michael J. Fox, there is very little they won’t do for a laugh. Personally, I would not be surprised if one of the writers on the show is revealed to be a serial killer.

This silky smooth voice will be the last thing you hear.
This silky smooth voice will be the last thing you hear.

Well at some point in the last 10 years the writers decided to make  one of the biggest characters in the show, Stewie, a homosexual. Well, they didn’t outright say it, but it was been heavily hinted at as scene by this YouTube video. Also in an interview with pl Continue reading “[Family Guy] Stewie is gay”

Star Wars: Midichlorians and the important role they play

Ever been asked the question “where were you when (whatever event) happened?” Like, where were you when you when you found out Kaiser Soze was that dude you didn’t expect or where were you when you saw your first boob? Being born in the 80’s, mine was through a scrambled PPV channel.


I hope this was a boob

Well, Star Wars fans, where were you when you first heard of the midichlorians being used as a way of explaining force sensitivity? Probably a movie theater or at home then immediately walking out of said movie or home. Continue reading “Star Wars: Midichlorians and the important role they play”

Preview: The Legend of Zelda; Link and the legend of the 4th wall

In the next few days I will be publishing my attempt to prove that Link is not a mute and he has in fact been breaking the 4th wall to talk to player.