Debunking the Mandela Effect part 1: Queen

The Mandela effect, what is it?

Wikipedia and other net sources describe it as a phenomenon where a group of people remember an event or thing differently than it actually happened. It is named the Mandels effect because there is a group of people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison and there being a big funeral for him in the 80’s, which is where this theory primary takes place, between the early to mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.

There have been so many theories as to what is actually going on. Some say this is proof of the multi-verse, others claims its time travelers and while some skeptics just simply say its just people remembering things different and its being over sensationalized. Well, today I want to discuss this theory and going to make some of it. Continue reading “Debunking the Mandela Effect part 1: Queen”

Star Wars rogue one clears up why storm troopers have terrible aim

We have all seen seen the memes all over the internet about how bad a storm trooper’s aim is. My personal favourite the one with the Star Trek red shirt guy .None the less, I am sure we have all wondered why their aim sucked so much and who was giving them them their training. Be most are just crossed eyes assholes. Well today I want to explore and let you know what my reasons for why storm troopers have bad aim.

The answer is simple; it’s the force. Yes, nothing deep or complex , it’s the force and the answer comes from the recently released rouge one scene where *** SPOILERS*** , Chirrut Imwe dies. Just an FYI everything from this point on is movie spoilers.

The scene I am referring to is when our heroes need to activate a switch to turn on the antena to broadcast the plans. Chirrut Imwe and his comrades are pinned down and have no way of getting over to switch. Now before I go any further, I need to point that storm troopers up to this point have been AMAZING marksmen. A few scenes show rebel soldiers getting getting picked off as soon as they exit from cover. In all the other movies, those exact same rebel fighter could have exited cover, had a smoke and make a call back to Yevin 5 placing their dinner order before a troopers aim would be anywhere near them. No here it’s pretty realistic.

So back to the scene in question. Chirrut Imwe suddenly had a moment where he starts repeating his mantra “I am one with the force and the force is with me” and then starts making his way to the Switch. As he is walking to the switch, all storm trooper blasts are going around and over him, the same manner they go around our hero’s (Luke, obi-wan, Leía) when they are being shot at. To prove that this isn’t some coincidence I turn to Chirrut Imwe parter , Baze Malbus.

After Baze witness’s the death of his friend due to a lucky blast, he starts chanting Imwe’s mantra. Well he doesn’t have the same luck as troopers are able to land a few good shots in before his eventual end. Baze isn’t a believer in the force, he doesn’t feel the connection to it like Imwe does so having no connection to the force (not being at least passive force sensitive), the force was not around him to protect him.

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